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I am Jack's Smirking Revenge!!

There have been a few things that either bothered or upset Jack about LiveJournal. This is where I shall take out my revenge upon the public.

Lets start off with 12 year old girls taking quizes to see whom ever they are most like? Usually celebraties. Sure, lets think about this for a second.. She is probable someone who would wet her pants if the person she was "most like" randomly showed up at her front door. I mean, c'mon now... how many 12 year old little girls are really like Britany Spears anyways? I'm pretty sure they dont have inflato-boobs, and walk up on stage, and lip sing horrible music in front of an ass-load of fan-boys. they most likely are still at that stage of "ewww, cooties"... they have no idea what its like to constantly be in the spot light, or have a shit load of monie. so, please, stop taking those damn "who are you like" quizes, and go out AND BECOME SOMETHING OF YOURSELF!!! you can do it to. STOP READING AND GO GET A LIFE, DAMNIT!!!

The next thing that bothered me about reading the most recent entries... there was like 30 different posts in a single day saying something to the effects of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY so and so". do you realize there is what? 6+ billion people in the world today? and only 365 (or 366) days in a year? lets do that math now.. aprox 16,438,356 had a birthday today? Who gives a damn anyways? What makes you more special that the 16+ million others that had a birthday today as well? just remember... YOU ARE UNIQUE! just like everyone else.

OK, I realize not EVERYONE is computer savey.. but the thing that probably pissed me off more than ANYTHING else where images that linked to "c:\"... you do realize that the only way *I* can see that lame image im not even interested to begin with is to have that exact same image already on *MY* C drive in the same location with the same filename? get a clue.. WEB SPACE IS FREE!! go abuse geo-shitties, they love it. most ISP's come with web space. hell, if its decent, use something like DeviantArt, they are free as well, and last time I checked, had no space restrictions or limitations at ALL.

How about those people that have journals that are "Friends Only"? What kind of bullshit IS that anyways? So, in other words, you have like 10 friends, and nobody else is aloud to be your friend? What happens when you lose one of those friends? Uhoh, only 9 friends left! But guess what?? They cant be replaced either, because nobody new can read your journal!!! What are you anyways, an anti-social FREAK? open up a little, and maybe you will make a few more friends....

How about posts that are nothing other than "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck" ??? yus, we all know what that four letter word is. Go check out dictionary.com and try IMPROVING YOU DAMN VOCABULARY!!!

Hows this one? Its happened several times, that I see a post, and then as soon as I try to click on the link to post the comments, ITS ALREADY DELETED!! Why the hell would you post something that you didnt want the rest of the world to see anyways? Post it and leave it, or dont post at all. Simple as that!!

And there are always those really horribly shittie pictures you take of yourself using that web-cam from 10 years ago. Those tiney pictures that you can tell if you are 5 0r 50 years old because they look so bad. Or you used a scanner to scan in a picture that was like a 3x5 size, but didnt crop the picture, so you have ALL OF THE WHITE SPACE from the scanner. SCANNING SOFTWARE FUCKING CROPS IT FOR YOU!! Is your scanner ALSO 10 years old, and lacks any USEFUL features?

Then there are also these "quizes" where you fill out "personal information" about yourself. What about your profile? Why not try filling THAT out? That can be checked at ANY TIME, not just when you decide to post this one single entry that will be lost in a week anyways. And besides, since your journal is "friends only" anyways, dont you think your friends should already know what your name is, where you live, how many times you had sex in a single night with different guys, and how small your breast is? (yus, only one is small, the other is huge as hell)

Of course there are a billion of these little meme things floating around nowadays. Whats the point to these anyways? Just so you know how your user name applied to a mathimatical algoryth will match a pair of words together to represent who you are? I, personally, choose to tell myself who and what I am, not some dumb "input your name, age, weight, sex" thing online.

Remember this, posting random naked pictures of yourself on LiveJournal will come back to haunt you! Anyone and everyone can see these pictures. You are going to have 50 year old men dreaming about you at nights, and you dont even want to know the nas-t things they are thinking of doing with you/to you.

There are also these people that will post like 50 pictures in a row without an LJ-Cut, but when it comes time to say "hi" and thats it, it has to be behind a cut, because they are to shy to really say it (but not too shy to show off their ass to the world in all of their pictures)

And this concludes this entry from Jack. I'm sure I will think up more shit, and post comments to this entry containing them at a later date and/or time. But for the meantime, enjoy! :)
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thats right, folks... Entry Jacked is BACK! and be prepared for all new waves of jacked entries... and coming soon as well, some more of a "personal post" type thing... wich will consist of me talking about various things ive learned from Entry Jacking.

the jacked has been gone since about the begining of last week, with very little internet access far and few between... but, alas, jacked returned home finally, so, be prepared for the rage of the deamon that lurks within. ;)
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Entry Jacked isnt just for the jacker, it is for the jackie too. (and no, i'm not talking about Jackie Chan)

As i mentioned before, this is a GAME!! and guess what? you should play too! here is what you do... do what i do. find random people you dont know, and comment on their posts. make someones day happier! and while your at it, share your comment links here in this post, as i have in previous posts. share your comments to us all. im interested in seeing how this turns out!

so ya, im seriously curious to know how to turns out. ive already had one other person in here that became a comment jacker, and i hope to see more.